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CIT Benchmark LED Tubes

Carinda's CIT Series of LED tubes utilise state of the art LED and driver technologies to produce industry leading lighting performance and exceptional energy efficiency that provides power savings of around 60%.

Retrofit most old T8 fluorescent tubes in seconds by directly replacing the original tube and starter.  CIT LED tubes produce lighting quality that equal old fluorescents, with significant advantages like flicker-free illumination, instant starting to 100% and vastly increased lamp life that reduces ongoing maintenance, all with lower energy costs.

Innovative rotating end caps allow the tube to be aimed and provide easy adjustment for angled lampholders.  A latch then securely locks the cap in the final position.


  • Superb efficiency - over 100 Lumens per Watt from frosted 4 foot tubes.
  • Instant starting to 100% brightness.
  • Flicker-free illumination both when starting and during operation.
  • Lamp life at least double the original fluorescent, not adversely affected by frequent switching on & off.
  • Rotating ends allow aiming, and to accommodate angled lampholders.
  • Identical dimensions to T8 fluorescent tubes, so will fit any luminaire.


  • Impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate diffuser and end caps.
  • Fully insulated with no exposed metal parts - eliminates the safety risk of other LED tube products with external heatsinks.
  • Internally fused, surge protected and supplied with a fused starter replacement.
  • Diffuser, End Caps and PCB manufactured from UL94 Listed Class V-0 Self-Extinguishing materials.


  • Fully complies with the new Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 60598.2.1:2014.
  • NATA safety tested & certified for direct connection to mains power when used in modified, rewired and new luminaires
  • No Photobiological Risk (AS/NZS IEC 62471:2011 Group 0)
  • Certificate of Suitability from NSW Fair Trading.


Victorian ESC VEET: CIT Benchmark range is approved for use to generate VEEC certificates, and is compliant both for Retrofit and when Modifying (rewiring) existing luminaires.

NSW IPART ESS: The CIT Series meets all of the IPART requirements for use in modified or new luminaires, however under this scheme the luminaires (rather than just lamps) must also be fully safety tested and certified.


The Benchmark range are Carinda's most popular LED Tubes, as they combine market leading performance with exceptional value for money.

MODEL CODE Length Replaces LCP Power Clear Frosted
CIT-06-08W 2 foot 18W T8 7.22 W 950 lm 850 lm
CIT-12-17W 4 foot 36W T8 16.82 W 2100 lm 1850 lm
CIT-15-23W 5 foot 58W T8 22.34 W 2850 lm 2550 lm

  • 4000K and 6500K are standard, with any other colour temperature produced to order.
  • Clear diffuser provides incredible output up to 130lm/W with a 120 degree beam angle.
  • Frosted is indistinguishable from Fluorescent, up to 110lm/W with 165 beam angle.


The CIT Series is available in a wide range of configurations, and can be manufactured to suit any project requirement. For specialised applications, ultra-high output LED Tubes with up to 3000 Lumens output can be produced to order.

Where high Colour Rendering is required, and for clinical observation areas in hospitals and medical facilities, Carinda produces LED CYANOSIS TUBES that meet AS/NZS 1680.2.5 and have COI 2.5 and CRI >90.

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CIT Benchmark LED Tubes Dimensions