IoT Modules

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the power to better inform and automate processes whilst transforming decision-making and optimizing efficiencies so you can respond, adapt and predict the changing needs of your customers and your business.

Unlock a future of lower overall costs, improved efficiency, better customer experiences, and opportunities to discover and grow your business.

With the fast-changing world of wireless, and both converging and diverging technologies Glyn can ensure you select the right technology for your specific need. Be it Cellular, Bluetooth, Sigfox, Lora, WiFi, ISM, Zigbee, 802.15.4, or Thread we have solutions from world-leading suppliers. Through our connections with module vendors and antenna suppliers, we can also ensure that best design practices are followed to ensure the best product. We can offer assistance with product design, schematic and Gerber review, and pre-certification testing to ensure you get your product to market faster and smarter.

Glyn can work with you to design and implement an IoT-powered future with our range of IoT solutions.

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