Power Products

Glyn power products are high quality, highly reliable, and fully compliant with Safety and EMC requirements in most major markets.

Plug in AC Adapters feature high efficiency, low noise, wide input voltage, highly regulated outputs, fixed or changeable plug-faces, over-voltage and over-current protection.  Regulatory certification is held in a wide range of destination countries. Body protected medical compliance is available for some models.

AC Adaptors – Plug Mounted

AC-DC and AC-AC output, optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), optional multiple output channels (USB or cable), rugged cases, high output, low temperature rise and high energy efficiency.

Glyn’s external PSUs are built for high reliability and demanding performance.

Desktop & Commercial External PSU

Built-in open and closed frame style power supplies and on-board modules cover every industrial need.  Wide or narrow input voltages, single or multiple output voltages, optional power factor correction, in-built protection from over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature conditions.

Industrial Power Supplies

Glyn supplies a broad range of power transformers – from conventional linear EI types, toroidal and custom wound types available.  Switch mode power transformers in a wide variety of cores and output voltages and current.


High quality power cords for most markets.  Standard length of 1.8m or customer specified length, hanking, color and configuration.  Cables, plugs and connectors certified for most major markets.

Power Cords

As well as the above Glyn also has an extensive range of Power Products and details of these can be found here